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What is a Knowhow session?

Knowhow is a facilitated discussion forum that brings people together to discuss important issues.

Knowhow aims to create a learning environment that respects the wisdom and experience of others while allowing discussions to generate naturally.
How does it work? 
  • A hot topic is chosen
  • A skilled and engaging facilitator introduces the topic
  • The facilitator outlines themes or questions and draws upon the experience in the room for a response
  • Respondents can be both targeted and impromptu
  • Knowledge is shared
  • The key is to ensure a well-meaning robust discussion.

What are the benefits of running a session this way?

  • Knowledge and learning is based on what’s happening in real life
  • People impacted by the topic are at the forefront of understanding the topic
  • Professionals, researchers and advocates can share their views and practices
  • Individual agendas are irrelevant and shared group experiences help to form a consensus and shared knowledge
  • Knowledge, practices and views are challenged through an ‘all sides’ debate
  • It is an engaging and energetic way of learning that helps to form long lasting understanding
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