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Responses to the sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children in residential care in Victoria - CCYP

The Centre was commissioned by the Commission for Children and Young People to prepare a report on Responses to the sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children in residential care in Victoria. This report, now completed, describes the history of Victorian residential care, legislation and policy in relation to residential care and policy developments regarding sexual abuse and sexual exploitation. As this report is the property of the Commission it is not available through the Centre however it is possible the Commission may make the report available at a later date.

The Centre also prepared a submission to the Commission’s inquiry and this is now available on the Centre’s website. The six key recommendations in the submission are:

  1. The Centre recommends that the RP3 Funding Model is adopted as the base funding model for Victorian residential care.
  2. The Centre recommends the introduction of minimum, mandatory staff qualifications for all staff, permanent and casual, responsible for caring for children and young people in a residential care setting.
  3. The Centre recommends that the full implementation of Recommendation 26 from the Protecting Victoria’s Vulnerable Children Inquiry report offers the best prospect of a fair, transparent and sustainable approach to the funding of Victorian out of home care services.
  4. The Centre endorses the Five Year Plan and recommends that two practical measures are expedited in the first year of the Five Year Plan:
  • the establishment of area based Placement Panels to consider local placement requirements and arrangements
  • the introduction of common placement screening and assessment tool for all children requiring placement in out of home care
  1. The Centre recommends that the Department of Human Services develops specific guidance in consultation with residential care providers on the particular needs of children and young people exposed to sexual abuse and exploitation in residential care. Such guidance should form part of the Residential Care Program Requirements.
  2. The Centre recommends that the new Child and Youth Area Partnerships actively consider the adequacy of local responses to the sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children in out of home care.
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