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Adolescent Violence in the Home

The ongoing work of family violence reforms in Victoria has highlighted gaps in knowledge about adolescents who use violence in the home and the need for specialist expert advice to enable service providers, professionals, parents and carers to more effectively respond to and support these young people.  

The Centre has a strong interest in identifying, translating and embedding the best available research and practice expertise to build Victoria’s and Tasmania’s evidence base in relation to adolescents using violence in the home (AVITH).  


Family Safety Victoria initially contracted the Centre in 2019 to undertake a project that contributes to the emerging evidence base of what works for adolescents who use violence in the home. The aim of this project – ‘Building the Evidence’ – was to better understand the nature of AVITH and the approaches that work, including earlier intervention. 

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AVITH Community of Practice

The AVITH Community of Practice brings together new and existing AVITH providers to strengthen practice through collaboration, discuss key themes and keep up to date with the work being done in this space. To find out if you are eligible to join the group, please contact Karalyn Davies:


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