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Adolescents Building Connections, QUANTUM

Program theory

The Adolescents Building Connections program is designed to provide the skills, understanding and learnings to encourage positive change in adolescents, to form healthy and respectful relationships 

Target group

Residents of Latrobe City 

Aimed at young people (12-17) at risk of demonstrating aggression, controlling or abusive behaviours. 


10 sessions

Program components


  • Develops awareness and skills in healthy and respectful relationships, empathy, active listening, nonviolent communication, mediation and resilience.  
  • Facilitators challenge old ways of thinking and acting 
  • Participants encouraged to accept responsibility for their choices and behaviour while learning to handle strong emotions, conflict and self-control. 

Additional support: 

  • Referrals made for individual case managed support through existing Quantum Support Services and partner agency services linkages when necessary. 


No evaluation report publicly available – contact service provider for further info. 

Participants complete self-assessment at weeks 1, 5, and 10.  

Facilitators complete weekly impact assessments for each young person. 

At 10 weeks and 3 months, parent/caregiver completes impact assessment. 


Participants must have ongoing support from a youth-based community support service or be supported by secondary school welfare officers or coordinators. 

Consent must be provided by parent/guardian to participate in program. 


L17 referrals 

Youth Justice and Youth Funded Programs or Services 

Secondary School Welfare Officers 




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