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Koorie Adolescent Family Violence Program, Mallee District Aboriginal Service (MDAS)

Program theory/objectives

Strengthening culture, finding identity is central to the healing process which supports reduction in use of violence.

Target group

Young people 12-17

Program components

The program follows a 7-week structure that incorporates culturally healing program components, including going on-country. The program provides a semi-structured schedule, with flexibility to respond to incidents that might prevent participants attending.

The program is very responsive to individual participants and this is seen as one of the program’s strengths. Each young person has a different plan.

Many of the young people are experiencing homelessness.

The program aims to empower young people and connect them with additional supports. In particular, it focuses on school engagement, and AOD supports if necessary.

The program is looking to implement aspects of a mentor program.


No outcomes yet being measured



Referrals from other local service agencies


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