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Therapeutic Adolescent Family Violence Specialist Program (TAFVS), Mackillop Family Services


Philanthropic pilot program, commenced 2020

Will continue until July 2021

Program theory/objectives

TAFVS works together with existing case management to help young people develop safe and respectful relationships. Delivered through family and individual therapy settings, the model aims to end violence and increase safety by strengthening family relationships and creating a web of responsibility.

Provide parent/caregiver with strategies and ideas to deescalate the situation whilst remaining connected.

Assist parents in understanding relevant theories and emotion-focused parenting.

Target group

Young people using violence – or at risk of using violence – in the home and dating contexts

Program components

Therapeutic outreach model

Builds on established family violence safety management protocols establishing an innovative approach informed by the Step-Up, FFT, Duluth and Gestalt models of interpersonal work

Applied to individual and family therapy


Program evaluation is in its early stages (given the age of the program).

Uses the Community Assessment Tool and internal program surveys to evaluate outcomes, with the assistance of external evaluators.


  • Adolescent between the age of 10-17 residing in service areas listed above
  • Using (or at-risk of using) violence
    • in the home environment
    • in a dating context
  • Must demonstrate:
    • Insight into the impact of their use of violence
    • Desire to change
    • Willingness to engage
  • Will present in a safe manner while engaged
  • A legal guardian who is willing to consent to the adolescent’s engagement in TAFVS
  • One adult family member or carer who is willing to engage in the program alongside the adolescent. This will support the adolescent while increasing family engagement in the process.

Has a family or carer group that is supported by case management

Delivery areas

Melbourne’s Metro North, Metro West, and Brimbank/Melton regions.


At this initial stage, internal referrals only via MacKillop Family Services’ case managers, family services employees or coordinators for the Metro North, Metro West, and Brimbank/Melton regions.

Privileged program access for adolescent mothers/fathers.



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