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Family Violence and Sexual Assault Sectors Recruitment Campaign

Victoria needs more people committed to making a difference in the lives of those affected by family violence and sexual assault.

As the peak body for child and family welfare in Victoria, we recognise it is crucial for the violence and sexual assault support workforce to grow as the demand for services continues to increase. Ensuring survivors receive the support and care they deserve is imperative.

The Department of Families Fairness and Housing has developed a recruitment campaign designed to attract students, graduates, professionals and career changers to work in the family violence and sexual assault sectors; the campaign raises awareness and encourages people to consider a rewarding career in these sectors.

Diversity and Dedication

At the heart of the campaign are powerful videos showcasing people working in various roles within the sector, highlighting the diverse range of backgrounds and experiences contributing to the effectiveness of these services. From Practitioners to coordinators, each person featured in the campaign embodies a dedication to providing meaningful support and empowering survivors.

Cat, a Counsellor Advocate at the Centre Against Sexual Assault (CASA House), explains her role and how she helps clients navigate services and advocate for their choices.

Marcus, a Family Violence Specialist for The Salvation Army, explains his role in working with men who choose to use family violence and working in rural and regional Victoria, including Inner and Outer Gippsland.

View more videos.

Spread the word

We can all play a role in strengthening the family violence and sexual assault sectors by sharing the campaign videos and the Family Violence Jobs Portal, where people can explore job opportunities, access resources, and learn more about the incredible work being done in these fields. The portal serves as a central hub for information, offering valuable insights into the roles available and the skills required to succeed.

To further support recruitment efforts, the Department of Families Fairness and Housing has developed a comprehensive kit of resources and guides to assist organisations and individuals in effectively promoting the campaign materials.

By spreading the word about this recruitment campaign together, we can ensure Victoria’s family violence and sexual assault sectors are equipped with the dedicated professionals needed to support survivors and effect positive change. Together, we can help build a stronger sector.

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