Methamphetamine (ICE) Training for Community Service Organisations

The Centre and YSAS have collaborated to deliver the Victorian Government funded training for practitioners to increase knowledge and confidence in identifying, discussing and responding to methamphetamine (ice) use.

  • Learning Outcomes
  • Who should attend

Understand the effects methamphetamine use can have on the brain, behaviour, psychological health, and in social contexts.

Understand patterns of use, including the binge-crash cycle and the recovery process 

Understand what contributes to aggressive behaviour and methamphetamine-induced psychosis, and learn how to recognise these presentations

Develop knowledge and confidence in responding to people affected by methamphetamine

Know how to find treatment options for both adolescents and adults

This workshop will benefit anyone who works with children, young people and families where there is a risk of exposure to methamphetamine.

This includes child protection, family violence, out of home care, youth justice, social workers, case managers, carers, youth workers, teachers, school-based staff, nurses, mental health workers and counsellors.

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