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A Pathway to Leadership in the Child, Youth, and Family Services Sectors

Our nationally recognised BSB50420 Diploma of Leadership and Management equips you with the skills needed to inspire, engage, and lead the way in your workplace.

Pathways to Success

Graduates of the BSB50420 Diploma of Leadership and Management emerge with a recognised qualification and the confidence and capability to advance their careers.

Whether aspiring to higher management roles, seeking to hone leadership skills, or drive innovation in service delivery, our alums are well-prepared to lead with purpose and impact.

Tailored Curriculum

The diploma’s curriculum is tailored to meet the specific needs of professionals in child, youth, and family welfare.

Graduates explore and develop a diverse skill set, enabling them to lead effectively in complex organisations committed to delivering high-quality services to children, youth, and families.

Core units such as emotional intelligence development, effective workplace relationships, and business operational planning are complemented by elective units in areas like financial management, continuous improvement, and customer service management.

Real-World Application

A unique feature of our course is its practical orientation. Participants integrate their learning directly into their workplace, applying newly acquired knowledge and skills to real-time challenges. This hands-on approach enhances learning effectiveness and provides real-world feedback.

Leadership Development and Beyond

Beyond skill acquisition, the diploma fosters a deep understanding of leadership principles and their application in the context of child and family welfare. Participants learn to lead with empathy and strategic foresight, positioning themselves as catalysts for positive change within their teams and communities.

Register Today

Participants are required to attend an online information session before enrolling in the course.

Register for one of our upcoming online information sessions today!

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