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Prof. Eileen Munro on 7.30 Victoria

Update: Friday night’s ABC 7.30 Victoria interview with Professor Eileen Munro is now online. Feel free to leave your comments on this post using the form below.

Professor Eileen Munro, author of the UK’s influential Munro Review on child protection, will appear on tonight’s final 2011 edition of 7.30 Victoria on ABC 1. The program will be repeated on ABC News 24 tomorrow at 11.30am, and on ABC 1 on Sunday at 1pm. The program will also be posted online here following the broadcast:

If you are posting on Twitter during the program, please consider using the #730vic and #springst hashtags.
Professor Munro was in Melbourne for “Systems to Improve Outcomes”, a roundtable event on Monday 5 December presented jointly by the Centre and the University of Melbourne, where Professor Munro also delivered the 2011 Len Tierney Public Lecture the same evening.
The Centre appreciates Professor Munro’s generosity, hard work and expertise during her short but very busy visit to Melbourne.
Our ongoing partnership with the University of Melbourne, in particular with Professor Cathy Humphreys, was also instrumental in making Professor Munro’s visit possible.

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