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RCLDS Online Learning

Residential care workers are situated across the state and often have limited spare time to attend face-to-face training. The Centre’s online learning modules provide the perfect solution to this challenge.

RCLDS Training Requests

The purpose of these forms is to ensure that future RCLDS funded training is accessible, inclusive and based around the training needs of the Residential care workforce.


Resi Rocks provides an annual opportunity to bring together residential care workers from across the state as a professional group to promote and cultivate a culture of learning and innovation, sharing knowledge, ides and practice excellence.

Residential Care Awards

The aim of these awards is to recognise, celebrate and encourage work of the highest standard in the provision of residential care provided in Victoria that contributes to positive outcomes for children and young people living in residential care.

Further Education Scholarships

The Residential Care Learning and Development Strategy, Further Education Scholarship offers financial support for the on-going higher education of people working in the residential care sector.

Training Reviews

"I found the training very helpful and relevant, especially the 'how to act in conflict' questionaire"
Training Participant
Effective Conflict Management
"De-escalation Techniques were very relevant and useful, brilliant Trainer, very interesting/engaging material"
Training Participant
Working with Occupation Violence and Aggression

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