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RCLDS Introduction to Alcohol & Other Drugs – Online

Tuesday October 17



This training is only available for residential care workers in Victoria.

Aim of training

This is an online, interactive training course for residential care staff designed to introduce them to the symptoms and effects of drug and alcohol abuse. It examines how drugs work in the brain, the symptoms of drug use, withdrawal and overdose, and why young people use drugs. Following completion of the online component, the course also has a Team Talks package to guide the learner and their manager in discussing the issues the course raised in their next supervision session.

Learning outcomes
• Understand the basics of the different classifications of commonly used drugs and how they are administered.

• Understand how drugs work in the brain.

• Learnt to recognise and response to the signs of withdrawal and overdose, and assist young people going through them.

• Identify the drivers of substance abuse – why young people might use drugs, the stages they go through in stopping.


How will enrolments work for the online training?

We will enrol people in our online courses in monthly cohorts.  For example, if enrolment for the course you sign up for closes on the 17th of October, your staff will be enrolled on the 17th of October. They will receive an email with their login details for the Moodle (our online learning management system) and will then have up to three months to complete the course at their own pace. Do not worry if you are not free to do anything on the 17th of October – you may begin the course at your convenience.

Because all of our courses have a supervision component, it is essential that you provide your manager/supervisor’s contact details when signing up.

At the halfway point – roughly one and a half months later – any staff who have not yet begun will receive a reminder email, and be put in contact with their local Moodle Champion, where possible. The manager who enrolled them will also receive a reminder email at this time.

Once staff have completed the online component of the courses (and received a satisfactory grade on any final assessment) they must then complete a Team Talks conversation about the course content during their next supervision session. Their manager/supervisor will notify the Centre for Excellence once the Team Talks session has been completed – the Centre will then send out a certificate of completion to the staff member.

At the conclusion of the three month period, the managers of any staff who have still not completed the training (including Team Talks) will be notified.  A full report of each staff member’s results will be generated and sent to the relevant manager for their records.


How long will the training take? Will I need any special equipment?

Although staff will have three months to finish the training in, it won’t take anywhere near that long!

On average, each course will take approximately 2 hours. One of the key benefits of online learning, however, is that staff can complete the courses in their own time.  If they have to stop, the Moodle will remember where they were up to and allow them to pick up from there when they come back.

Staff will not need any special equipment for the training, beyond a computer with a reliable internet connection. All online courses designed by the Centre for Excellence are customised for both desktop computer (Mac and PC), tablets and smartphones.


Tuesday October 17
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