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Customised Training Workshops Overview

The Centre provides a range of professional learning and development workshops to meet the needs of organisations. We deliver training upon request in locations across Victoria and Tasmania, remotely via Zoom.

Workshops are tailored to your organisational requirements and staff needs. If you have a training request and would like it delivered on your site, please contact the training coordinator on:

We have extensive experience in working with organisations to up-skill staff and equip your staff with skills and confidence.

  • Workshops can be customised using your own organisation’s policies, standards or documentation.
  • Tailored training and learning options designed to be cost effective that meet professional development requirements
  • Customised training can be delivered in metropolitan and regional locations.

Recent Workshops Delivered 

Understanding and Providing Support to Children and Young People with Autism
Best Interest Practice Framework
Working with adolescents experiencing dual diagnosis
Case Noting in Human Services
Trauma Informed Practice
Assessing for Parenting Capacity
Advanced Case Noting and Supervision
Convene Effective CARE teams
Skilled at Looking after Children (LAC)
Identify Mental Health Crisis and How to Respond



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