Treating Families Fairly

Primary Centre contact: Michele Lonsdale
Director of Social Policy and Research


Treating Families Fairly has released its Statement of Principles, with a message for governments at all levels to put children and families at the centre when making decisions and developing policies around Australians living in poverty.

Read and share the Statement of Principles here.

Treating Families Fairly aims to advocate on behalf of families who are facing barriers when it comes to government welfare policies and benefit support systems. The Centre for Excellence along with Bethany, FamilyCare, The Council of Single Mothers and their Children, Good Shepherd, Grandparents Australia, Mallee Family Care and the Financial & Consumer Rights Council have come together to investigate recent and upcoming government reforms, and advocate on behalf of those we represent.

In particular, we will be looking at policies like the proposed drug trials for welfare recipients, cashless debit card trials, and other conditional welfare policies. The group understands that we have a unique opportunity to listen and learn from people who access child and family services in Victoria. We will be exploring the links between financial stress, family functioning, child safety and the fair, effective operation of the benefit support system. Where we find that system is contributing to the difficulties service users are responding to, we will advocate for change. 

You can read the group’s mission statement here.

The Centre will continue to post updates, resources, reports and papers from the Treating Families Fairly campaign on this page, in an effort to keep the sector updated. If you have any suggestions or information that you think may be useful, please get in touch with Michele Lonsdale at The Centre. You can reach her at or 03 9094 3521.

The following documents have been put together by the advocacy group, or are relevant to discussions:

CFECFW ParentsNext Submission 
The implementation and performance of the Cashless Debit Card Trial
Centre Feedback on ParentsNext national expansion
Why is financial stress on the rise? _September 2017
Review of the Evaluation of the Cashless Debit Card Trial in Ceduna and East Kimberley
Summary of Review of the Cashless Debit Card Trial

Recent news articles and statements relevant to Treating Families Fairly:


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