MARAM Training 2020

COVID – 19 RESPONSE Date: 25/5/2020

Following the Victorian Government’s social distancing regulations, the MARAM face to face training has been cancelled indefinitely. The MARAM training will now be delivered as webinar-based workshops:

MARAM Brief & Intermediate level training  for Child FIRST, Family Services, AOD, Homelessness and Mental Health workers will take place as four  modules of 2 hours.

MARAM Screening & Identification level training for Care Services will take place as three 2 hour modules.

MARAM Screening & Identification training for Maternal Child Health workers will take place as two one and a half hour long modules. 

PLEASE NOTE: even if you have previously registered for a face to face session, you will need to re-register for an online session. Links to the registration pages are below

The training will run until the end of October however places are strictly limited.

About these events:

The Centre, in partnership with the Department of Human Services (DHHS) is delivering MARAM training for those practitioners who have roles that align with responsibilities at the Screening and Identification level or Brief and Intermediate level for targeted workforces.  The training is provided at no cost.

This training will support practitioners to understand their responsibilities under this important new reform, including what it means for their day-to-day practice. 

The MARAM training is targeted to specific workforces:

MARAM Screening and Identification level training will be offered to Care Services (previously OOHC) and Maternal and Child Health workforces.

MARAM Briefing and Intermediate level training will be offered to the Child FIRST/ Family Services, Alcohol and Other Drug Services, Homelessness and Designated Mental Health workforces (Please note: Child FIRST practitioners in Orange Door services who have completed Comprehensive training are not required to attend this training).

If you require further guidance on your alignment at an Intermediate level, please see the MARAM responsibilities: Decision Guide for organisational leaders.

Please note that anyone who has registered for this training who is not in one of the designated workforces may have their registration reviewed. If you have questions about this or special circumstances you wish the facilitators to consider, please contact the team. Further information on MARAM training for other workforces.

Contact: Please contact on or (03) 9094 3554.

Click here for Alcohol and Other Drugs, Homelessness, and Designated Mental Health Services


Click here for ChildFirst and Family Services


Click here for Maternal and Child Health Services 


Click here for Care Services

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