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Centre Piece – August 2012

Centre Piece – Issue #1

Welcome to the Centre Piece – the Centre’s new e-newsletter.

We hope you find our monthly updates interesting – we will use the newsletter to inform you of upcoming events, introduce new research, highlight significant achievements, interview industry experts and much more.

This month we have featured an interview with Trish Earle from Gamblers Help, who will be conducting a training session in October, which we urge all to attend.

We also want to take this opportunity to acknowledge that today is Lynette’s final day at the Centre. She wants to thank everybody for their efforts during her time as CEO, and wish everybody the best for the future.

The staff thank her for the excellent leadership she has provided, and hope she enjoys the next stage of her career.

We hope you enjoy our newsletter, and welcome comments on the stories included.

Trish Earle

We recently caught up with Trish Earle to discuss her upcoming training session- Shame and Secrecy: Are your families affected by problem gambling.

We explore some unsaid gambling truths, and give a taste of what you can expect on October 22nd. More →


The Centre’s AGM is being held on Monday 15th October at the Melbourne Museum. More →



Governance Forum

On Monday 3rd September the Centre is hosting a forum to discuss governance in the child and family services sector.

Places are still available if you get in touch with the Centre immediately. More →

Learning and Development

The Centre’s Learning and Development team have a number of exciting training sessions planned for September. More →


Child FIRST forum

If you work in a child and family services alliance, we invite you to join sector colleagues at our next Child FIRST forum.

These forums are held bi-monthly at the Centre, with the next scheduled for the 10th October 2012.

For more information, please contact

Regional Visits

Centre staff recently conducted three regional visits, travelling to meet members in Ballarat, Shepparton and Bairnsdale. More →


Volunteer Resource Kit

Safe Work Australia has released the Volunteer Resource Kit to address lingering confusion about the impact of harmonised work health and safety laws on the volunteer sector. More →


State Gov Discussion Paper

The Victorian Government has invited the public to make submissions to the discussion paper, Practical Lessons, Fair Consequences: Improving diversion for young people in Victoria.

For more information see here.

Protecting Australia’s Children

The Federal Government has launched the Second Action Plan of the National Framework for Protecting Australia’s Children.More →


ACWA Conference

Last week a number of Centre staff travelled to Sydney for the 2012 AWCA conference. More →



Service Agreement Info Kit

The latest Service Agreement Information Kit has been released, underpinning service provision until 2015.

An electronic copy of the agreement is available here.

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