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CEO & Corporate Service Forum – 14 July 2016

Capacity Building & Innovation

On Thursday 14th July, the CEO & Corporate Service forum was held with a focus on Capacity Building & Innovation.  Attendees were provided with an insight into Impact Investing & Social Impact Bonds, and an introduction to the Public Sector Innovation Fund.  After morning tea, an overview of the new Client Incident Management System was presented, before DHHS gave an insight into their approach to Information Sharing and an integrated response to the Family Violence Royal Commission.  MacKillop Family Services provided an update on the EDDI system and the governance arrangements that they are looking to implement, before we heard from DHHS on the Outcomes Focused Performance Framework Project.

Feedback has been very positive from all attendees and planning has begun for the next CEO & Corporate Service forum on Wednesday 21 September (please keep this date free).

Below are the various presentations from the forum, and contact details for each presenter.

Impact Investing – Social Impact Bonds
Chris Wilson – Koda Capital –

Public Sector Innovation Fund
Justin Halliday – PSIF, DPC –

Client Incident Management System
Chris Shelly – CFECFW –

DHHS – Integrated response to FV, Approach to Information Sharing
Steve Hodgkinson & Fiona Sparks, DHHS –

Electronic Data Document Interface – EDDI
Pere Ruka – MacKillop Family Services –


SIBs information session on Wednesday 20 July 2016

A free information session on the Social Impact Bonds (SIBs) pilot program will be held on Wednesday, 20 July 2016 from 10am to 12pm at the Treasury Theatre. Download the flyer (PDF 220kb) for more information or visit the EvenBrite website to register your attendance.


Attendees may also be interested in our other non-profit and philanthropic papers that can be found through the following links:

‘The 2016 Koda Capital Australian Giving Snapshot’ – A review of Australian giving and trends based on completed tax returns for FY14 (latest available data from ATO):

‘The 2015 Koda Capital Non-Profit Review’ – A comprehensive exploration of the Australian non-profit sector to help non-profit leaders understand the landscape of the sector and compare and contrast their own organisation with industry trends:

‘The 2015 Koda Capital Australian Giving Review’ – A review of Australian giving data and trends:

‘Strategic Philanthropy – Leadership Insights’ – A collection of the philanthropic, academic, non-profit and business leader insights from The Atlantic Philanthropies recent visit to Australia that was co-hosted by Koda:

‘Investing for Non-Profits – Essential questions for board and investment committee members’ – considers 10 key questions for board and investment committee members based on our experience as trustees, directors, investment committee members and advisers to charitable and non-profit investors:

‘Preparing for the Future – Do or die for non-profit Boards’ – sets out what Koda believes non-profit boards need to do now in order to survive and thrive in the future

'Koda Capital Non-Profit Services' – Providing independent advice to charitable and non-profit organisations is a core part of Koda’s service offering.


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