DHS Update – Preparation for Bushfire Season

The 2014 bushfire season starts in December. Information letters will be sent out in the upcoming weeks to all foster and kinship carers. The letters will set out required activities for fire season preparation.

Community Service Organisations (CSOs) who contract manage children and young people in foster care and kinship care should start planning for the upcoming bushfire season.

Preparation activities include ensuring address details are correct in CRISSP and creating ‘leaving early plans’ where foster and kinship carers live in bushfire risk areas. DHS will provide templates for ‘leaving early plans’ to CSOs along with advice on children living in bushfire risk areas.

For further information please contact:

Emma Gilbert

Senior Program Officer

Operations and Practice / Out-of-home Care Unit

Statutory & Forensic Service Design Branch / Department of Human Services

Tel: (03) 9096 0654

E-mail: emma.gilbert@dhs.vic.gov.au

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