Diploma of Leadership and Management (July 2019)

“I have learnt a great deal from this course and have grown in my confidence and skills as a manager who is leading a cohesive team. This is now being noticed by my manager and the executive group, and has lead for us to work on progressing me to the next level (her position) as the Deputy Area Operations Manager. ”

– Diploma participant

I was new to the management role in my organisation and I found that the course meant that I was able to reflect on my role at work and how I could support the workers in  teams I was responsible for. It enabled me to reflect on when things had gone well for me in my new management role and when they hadn’t.  It also meant that I examined and reviewed my organisation’s strategic plans and other documents and how they related to the teams I was supporting and to the people who were clients of our service. The teacher and the support staff were so supportive and were very responsive to any questions I had. Speakers were invited in for particular topics and I really liked that an effort was made to find people who were within the industry and this helped make topics that were challenging relevant to me and my work.

– Diploma Participant

If you hold a leadership and management role in the child, youth and families sector (or are working towards one), the Centre is offering a Nationally Recognised Diploma to help you hone your skills.

The course begins in July 2019 and will be delivered over 17 full-day classroom training sessions over a period of 9 months.

The Centre offers this diploma to develop and hone management skills for individuals within the context of the child, youth and families’ sector. The course will equip you to take initiative, show judgement in planning and organising, and arm you with effective communication and self-management strategies. You will be able to plan, design, apply and evaluate solutions to problems as they arise, and identify and analyse information from a variety of sources.

Read more and register today.

Or contact Natasha Lobo at Natasha.Lobo@cfecfw.asn.au for further enquiries.

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