Megan Mitchell – Consultation visit

In early July the Centre hosted the National Children’s Commissioner Megan Mitchell and 40 sector representatives met to discuss key issues impacting vulnerable children.

Following formal introductions the group divided into small teams to establish some key priorities for the new National Commissioner. Ms Mitchell was appreciative for the insights offered, and engaged in a lively discussion on the issues raised.

A number of sharing priorities have emerged from the consultation workshop, with the Centre and National Commissioner for Children committed to working together to improve the lives of Victoria’s vulnerable children and families.

Some of the topics discussed include:

  1. Streamlined child and adolescent mental health services
  2. Professional models of foster care
  3. Children in detention
  4. Refugee minors
  5. The connection between child protection and the family law domain
  6. Children in adult prisons
  7. Children's Court – kinship care arrangements, national focus on child protection, national approach to payments
  8. The need to care for adolescents until the age of 21 – not 18
  9. Access to pre-school
  10. Social security rights
  11. Justice reinvestment
  12. Income management
  13. Access to health services
  14. Systems for hearing the voice of young people
  15. Working with children checks
  16. Lack of alternative education options
  17. Limited placement options in out-of-home care



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