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Working with the NDIS to support families at risk training opportunities

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Online NDIS Sessions in 2022


“Working with the NDIS to support families at risk” is a workshop designed to deliver practical, pragmatic training for child and family sector staff who may support participants in the NDIS, or the carers of children in the NDIS.

The workshop has has now been delivered to over 2000 people, mostly IFS, ChildFIRST/Orange Door, and OOHC practitioners. It began as a half day of face-to-face training, but has been redeveloped as two 120 minute online workshops, with all new content to explain how the NDIS has changed in response to COVID 19.

The session is delivered by Mark Ryan from the Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare, in partnership with DFFH and the Association for Children with a Disability, a parent and carer support organisation which has put together a fantastic network of experts. The training is designed to give practical tools and insights that practitioners can put to instant use.

The training is fully funded by DFFH; there is no cost to participants. The training covers:

An explanation of how the NDIS is designed to work, including the many assumptions built into it about families and children with a disability

Clear explanation of the roles and responsibilities of child and family sector staff in working with families with disability.

Parental perspectives on the experience of caring for a child with disability

Tips and techniques to help support vulnerable families as they navigate the NDIS, from access to review and appeal

An introduction to the wide network of support and advocacy organisations around the NDIS

The session shares inside-info about how decisions are made in the NDIS – this means you will come away with an insight into how disability is defined in the NDIS, what kinds of evidence influence decisions, and the right language to use to get the best outcomes. We include templates and tools to help you gather information and communicate the needs of children, parents and carers to NDIS decision makers.

We’ve had a terrific response from the attendees: 98% of participants rate the training as ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’, and every participant has improved their confidence to work with the system.

To attend this workshop please register in the Centre’s new Learning Management System at  

Once you register in the Learning Management System you’ll find the NDIS course prominently displayed on the Home Page.





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