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Reviewing or appealing a NDIS decision

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Click here for resources to help prepare for the regular review of an existing NDIS plan, or to change a plan

Plan Reviews

A ‘plan review’ takes place on a regular basis, as set by the NDIA (usually every 12 months). When the plan comes up for review, the process is basically the same as the initial planning process -only with the benefit of more information. The amount of funded supports in plans may go up or down at the time of review, so it is important to prepare in just the same way as you would prepare for the first plan. The resources on the Getting the best from an NDIS plan page will help you.

The review of plans can also be initiated by the NDIS participant. The most reliable way to do this is to go to the main NDIS page at and type “change plan”, or “change in circumstances” in the ‘Site Search’ field. The search results should include links to the forms to request a review.

Here is a link to the Commonwealth Ombudsman’s report on NDIS reviews, May 2019 (the Ombudsman’s office has received over 400 complaints about NDIS reviews so far)

Applying to review a NDIS decision with which you disagree

To review or appeal an NDIS decision, you will probably find it most reliable to go to the main NDIS page at and type “internal review of a decision” in the ‘Site Search’ field.

If you disagree with a review decision, you can appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. Type “external review of decision” in the ‘Site Search’ field.

The Rights Information and Advocacy Centre (RIAC) has a great webinar about reviewing or appealing a NDIS decision: here is the link.

Advocates to help with reviewing or appealing NDIS decisions


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