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Roadmap for Reform

Roadmap for Reform: Stronger Families, Safer Children

On Thursday 6th August Minister Mikakos announced the Roadmap for Reform: Stonger Families, Safer Children.

Roadmap for Reform: Strong Families, Safe Children will look at services and programs with the aim of: intervening early to prevent abuse; and in cases where children and young people cannot live safely with their own parents, ensuring the out-of-home care system is as good as it can be and has an emphasis on home-based care. It will consider how to achieve reunification of children with their parents where it is safe to do so.

The Roadmap will set the direction for a long-term reform of the system, and will be driven by evidence and expert advice, working closely with the community services sector.

How will the Roadmap be developed?

To support the development of the Roadmap for Reform during 2015, Deloitte will provide independent expert analysis and advice to ensure a robust and evidence-based approach to system performance and the long-term financial sustainability of the service system. The Deloitte team includes significant expertise across social policy and economic modelling, including through Ms Fran Thorn, Ms Lyn Pezzullo, Mr Chris Richardson, Mr Ric Simes and Mr Ian Harper.

Through this engagement, Deloitte will also undertake an independent review of early intervention policies and practices as I announced on 27 May 2015 in response to the Auditor-General’s recommendations in their report, Early Intervention Services for Vulnerable Children.

Will the child and family services sector be involved in the process?

This project will be developed and delivered in partnership with the sector. The review will involve strategic and targeted consultation to harness the wealth of knowledge that you, our partners, hold.

An Expert Advisory Group will be established, chaired by the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, Dr Pradeep Philip. This group will include experts from the children and families, early childhood, clinical practice, academic, public, and commercial sectors, to provide specialist advice and information to ensure the strategic directions of the Roadmap are consistent with contemporary evidence and reform directions.

The Roadmap is the first step in a process of systemic reform. We have a long way to go. We will have ongoing involvement and collaboration with you throughout 2015 and beyond as our partners in affecting such significant reform.

Minister Mikakos' media release can be found here.

The Centre for Excellence have released a media release which can be accessed here.

The Centre for Excellence wrote a submission as part of the consultation process.

See the Roadmap For Reform website for further information

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