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Primary Contact: Glenda Quinn, Shared Lives & Step by Step Training Coordinator

Shared Lives Victoria is the ‘new‘ training package for Foster care Agencies to Train perspective Foster Carers.

Shared Lives includes tools and a clear framework for making assessments of foster care applicants based on evidence of their skills. It provides a systemic way to engage an applicant and share information with them, and guides the assessor to reach an informed decision about the applicant’s suitability for fostering.

It is MANDATORY for staff to attend training in Shared Lives Familiarisation training before training prospective carers. This provides perspective regarding the training experience of an applicant, and gives the context for staff that will go on to use Shared Lives to conduct assessments.

Shared Lives One Day Familiarisation Training

The one day familiarisation training in the new Shared Lives Victoria is for those staff who have experience in training care

Those who are inexperienced in training carers need to book into the three day training.  

Shared Lived Victoria – Three day Extensive Familiarisation Training

This Training session is for existing agency staff that will be wanting to deliver Shared Lives Victoria to prospective foster carers with in the next 6 months. And are specifically for those staff that haven’t previously delivered or have experience in Shared Stories Shared Lives (SSSL). This session will cover the updated package – Shared Lives Victoria.

The Shared Lives Victoria 2019 updated training package includes:

More guidance for trainers, updated resources, more flexible delivery

New topics include:

  • Information on the concept of brain development and developmental trauma, including its impact on children’s feelings of safety and ability to regulate emotions
  • Coverage of “repair” parenting, including the PACE approach
  • Much stronger focus on culture and identity, including Aboriginal identity
  • Information on the impact on carers’ children
  • Information about engaging with health and education services


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