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Targeted Care Packages

DHHS have provided advice about a new initiative of the Victorian Government known as "Targeted Care Packages". Currently in Victoria around 500 children and young people who have been removed from the care of their parents due to abuse or neglect live in a form of care known as residential care. For some of these children, their needs would be better met in another form of care – such as foster or kinship care.

The Targeted Care Package initiative provides funding of $43 million over the next four years to provide the supports required to help move these children from residential care to another care arrangement.

The packages provide an opportunity for us to think differently about placement options and associated supports.  As part of this approach DHHS are bringing this new initiative to the attention of a broad range of service providers who might be able to play a part in its success.

If you require further information about the process please contact Mr Cynan Blackmore, (manager for this initiative) Out-of-Home Care Reform team on 9096 0114.

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