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Tri-Peaks Webinar Program

Tri-Peaks webinars are chosen to reflect cross-sectoral interests, facilitate access to critical research and data, and share sector insights and linkages. Contemporary and engaging topics are delivered by speakers including senior government stakeholders, eminent researchers, practitioners and those with lived-experience to provide access to key expertise and insights.

Innovation Webinar Program

The Tri-Peaks partnership will be back in 2023 to continue to host the Innovation Webinar Series focused on cross-sectoral solutions relevant to child and family, alcohol and other drugs; and hospital and community health services. 

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2023 Webinars


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Innovation Webinar Program

The Tri-Peaks partnership will be back in 2023 to continue to host the Innovation Webinar Series focused on cross-sectoral solutions relevant to child and family, alcohol and other drugs; and hospital and community health services. 


This webinar marks the launch of the Tri-Peaks Innovation Webinar Series which focuses on cross-sectoral solutions relevant to child and family, alcohol and other drugs, and hospital and community health services.

The webinar series will provide a platform for the three sector workforces to hear about the innovations and intersections across the three sectors. The first webinar in the series showcased the “The Home Stretch” campaign, which has been urging governments across Australia to provide extended care to 21 years to all young people leaving out-of-home care since 2016. The Home Stretch was chosen for the Tri-Peaks Innovation launch as an illustration of what has been achieved at both statewide and national levels, as well as inspiration for all viewers wishing to achieve social change.

Following the Home Stretch #makeit21 hashtag to keep informed and show your support for the campaign.

You can learn more about Home Stretch here:





This webinar will explore the implementation of MARAMIS in the TriPeaks communities. This will include education on the role of Specialist Family Violence Advisors, information sharing practices, and MARAMIS guidance relating to people who use violence.
There will also be an opportunity for you to bring questions to panel experts for discussion.  

  • Kimberlea Green – Statewide Coordinator of the Specialist Family Violence Advisor (SFVA) Program in Mental Health and AOD, No to Violence (NTV)
    Courtney Lucanto – Specialist Family Violence Advisor in Mental Health, Mental Health Professional Development Unit, Bendigo Health
  • Erin Lockington –Practice Development Lead – MARAMIS No to Violence (NTV).
  • Courtney Magann Acting Branch Manager, Inter-Agency Information Sharing Service, Police Enquiry & Data Sharing Department Victoria Police

2021 Webinars

What should be different in the new normal post-pandemic?

The entire Australian health system has changed rapidly in the last 6 months due to COVID-19, forcing changes that have been advocated for, for decades. What is the future for our health systems, and the AOD sector in particular?

Presenters by Dr Stephen Duckett, Health Program Director, Grattan Institute and Prof Nadine Ezard, Clinical Director, National Centre for Clinical Research on Emerging Drugs

International insights on the impact of COVID-19 on children and family services

In this webinar we explore the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on children and family services around the world, examining how it has influenced demand patterns, sector responses and recovery.

The discussion is led by Sonia Sharp and Georgina Gates from People Advisory Services at EY. 

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Technology and Addiction Part 2: Gaming Addiction

The panel will explore various aspects of video game addiction, including:

  • The neuropsychology of gaming addiction
  • Clinical diagnosis and treatments
  • Service provision: preventing harms and engaging clients about their gaming

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WorkSafe Victoria on creating mentally healthy workplaces

This webinar seeks to provide practical prevention and intervention strategies for health and wellbeing among community services. Presented by Dr Richard Kasperczyk on behalf of WorkSafe Victoria, this session will explore the systems that impact on mental health and wellbeing and key topics including:

  •  mental health and wellbeing in the workplace, including roles and responsibilities;
  • a systemic approach to prevention and discussion of work-related factors; and
  • how to promote positive mental health and wellbeing and prevent mental injury.

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Technology and Addiction Part 1: Gaming and eSports

Associate Professor Sarah Kelly from UQ Business School offers an overview of the gaming and eSports landscape, evidence about harms associated with videogames and gaming technology, and how gaming technologies can be used for good.

This is Part 1 of a two-part series on Technology and Addiction.

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Global trends in long-term COVID resilience

As COVID-19 continues to have a prolonged impact on every aspect of daily life, individuals, sectors and clients are facing fatigue and questions of sustainability.

Presented by Sonia Sharp, Partner at EY, this webinar will explore global trends in long-term COVID resilience, examining what is being done around the world collectively, individually and organisationally to survive and thrive through the extended impacts of the pandemic.

Looking into what we can expect over the next few years, this critical webinar will delve into the initiatives, ideas and infrastructure that are being implemented to maintain and support resilience across the world.

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Rethinking child protection system design assumptions for families with multiple and complex needs

Professor Leah Bromfield is one of Australia’s foremost child protection researchers and is Co-Director at the Australian Centre for Child Protection.  She is a well-regarded research expert in issues affecting child protection systems, chronic maltreatment and cumulative harm, and has worked closely with state, national and international governments on establishing and implementing child welfare reforms, including the National Framework for Protecting Australia’s Children.

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Voice of the Client Framework

This webinar Sarah Bendall (DFFH) will give an overview of the Client voice framework for community services and how it helps to ensure the quality and safety of community services for everybody, every time. The webinar also included a panel of representatives from across community services who are passionate about client voice and will share some practical examples and ideas about how to engage clients well.  

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Where we are at: The social, economic, and wellbeing impacts of COVID 19 with Tom Craven

Tom Craven is an economist and strategy consultant with Cube Group. Cube is a purpose-driven consultancy, working solely with public value organisations across government and non-government sectors.

Tom’s work focusses on the delivery of public services. He helps health, justice, education and social services organisations to understand the major economic, social and policy trends impacting their business and to chart a course through them.

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2020 Webinars

An update on the first Australian Child Maltreatment Study, Prof. Ben Matthews

An update on the first Australian Child Maltreatment Study with Prof Ben Matthews and Prof Daryl Higgins. 

The joint DHHS and Tri-Peaks webinar provides an update on the Australian Child Maltreatment Study (ACMS).

This is the first national study of the prevalence of child abuse and neglect in Australia, its mental and physical health outcomes, and the burden of disease. This is a 5 year study (2019-23), funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council.

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ThinkPlace: The State of Social Innovation

This webinar is presented by Sarah Patterson, General Manager of Victoria at ThinkPlace.

Sarah leads ThinkPlace’s Victorian Studio in delivering local, national and international work, and brings deep expertise in facilitating co-design engagements that traverse policy and technical environments. When we talk about innovation we are talking about new ways of thinking, acting and collaborating that unlock better outcomes for people.

Young People and AOD

This webinar has specifically been designed for workers across the child and family services, community health, and AOD sectors.

The webinar provided an overview of common issues for young people who are using AOD, engaging constructively with young people about AOD, developmentally appropriate interventions for young people, the benefits and opportunities of working with young people.

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Changes in working, innovation and impact on clients that have been developed and implemented during COVID-19

Three presentations on changes in how health and human services are working in the pandemic environment

‘AOD 101’ – Part 1

This webinar provided and overview of the not-for-profit AOD treatment sector, incorporating its structure, agencies, consumers and workforce, where and how to access treatment for your clients, how does Safescript work?, pharmacotherapy and a background to the Medically Supervised Injecting Room (MSIR)

Presented by Moses Abbatangelo – Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Dr Suzanne Neilsen – Monash Addiction Research Centre in Melbourne and Kasey Elmore – Operations Manager, Medical Supervised Injecting Room (MSIR)

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AOD 101 - Part 2

This webinar provided an overview of what does the client’s journey look like? (from Intake through to discharge), substance types and signs and symptoms of use (intoxication, overdose and withdrawal) and client populations: youth, adults, forensic, older people and their differences in terms of engagement and treatment, managing complexity: prevalence and management of MH and trauma issues, homelessness and FV, and cultural awareness, treatment modalities (relapse prevention, motivational interviewing, CBT, mindfulness) and a first-hand view of the AOD treatment system and the journey from the perspective of a consumer

Presented by Moses Abbatangelo – Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Dr Suzanne Neilsen – Monash Addiction Research Centre in Melbourne and Kasey Elmore – Operations Manager, Medical Supervised Injecting Room (MSIR)

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Risk Management Fundamentals for Health and Community Services

This webinar covered key risk management concepts, risk management frameworks and governance and using risk management to make informed decisions related to strategic risks and risk register development.

Presented by: John Belfrage and Cat Strawa, Risk Advisers, VMIA

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Methamphetamine and Pregnancy: Issues, Challenges and Opportunities

This webinar discussed current evidence, health impacts and effective service delivery and models of care

Presenters: Assoc Prof Yvonne Bonomo, Dr Anna Tottman, Julie Blandthorn – Royal Women’s Hospital Melbourne

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The Journey from Response to Recovery from COVID-19 for Victoria’s Community Health and Human Services Sector

This webinar considered what Australia’s possible pathways to recovery from COVID-19 look like for health and community services, the multiple ‘waves’ of service disruptions that the COVID-19 will cause and how other organisations are preparing for the long-term journey to recovery.

This webinar was presented by Tom Craven, Director, and Rob Camm, Partner, from Cube Group

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Four keys to an effective Board

This webinar covered developing a skills matrix for your board, clarifying the commitment required to be a board member at your organisation and why alignment and diversity of board members is vital.

Presented by Helga Svendsen, Facilitator and Coach, Board member of the Royal Women’s Hospital

The impact of COVID-19 for separated parents and their children

Presented by Cath Tregills, Executive Manager & Marney Bowden, Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, Relationship Matters

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Evaluating the NFP Board

Presented by Jo-Anne Morfoot, VHA, Fi Mercer, Governance Evaluator, Gayle Boschert, Child & Family Services, Ballarat

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Global perspectives and practical strategies Financial Viability for the NGO sector during COVID-19’

Presented by Cameron Bird, Partner, EY

Tools for Working Remotely & Privacy Implications

Presented by Sonia Sharp, Partner EY

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Global Workforce Perspectives and Practical Strategies in COVID-19

Presented by Sonia Sharp, Partner EY

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Innovation Webinar Program

Governance in not-for-profits during COVID-19

This webinar covered board director duties, liability and safe harbour provisions, online privacy and data security, duty of care for staff during COVID-19.

Presented by Dean Katz, Partner Cornwalls Lawyers

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The financial future beyond COVID-19: why financial education matters for employers and employees

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This webinar covered:

  • Data-led insights on the links between the financial wellbeing of employees and productivity.
  • Financial support options available to employees due to COVID-19.
  • How super is invested and the impacts of COVID-19.
    What you need to be thinking about now to secure your financial future.

Presenters: Prashant Iyer and Julianne Coleman, First State Super


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