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Workforce Skills Gap Analysis

The Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare are pleased to advise that they will undertake a Workforce Skills Gap Analysis.  The objectives of this survey are to :

  • Identify Skills gaps within organisations and staff in the following levels
    • CEO/GM/COO
    • Senior Manager/Program Manager/Line Manager
    • Practitioner/Frontline worker
  • Explore career pathways and training planning  for the sector
  • Investigate accredited training versus non accredited training
  • Embedding training
    • Sustainable practice-opportunities and barriers
    • Preferred and emerging models of training delivery
  • Training course requirements
    • 12 months, emerging 5 years

Sector Dissemination will include:

  • Identification of sector themes and interest
  • Prepare series of relevant and usable tools to disseminate findings and implementation

Series of Information Brochures/White papers

  • Skills gaps and strategic planning
  • Pathways and succession planning
  • Pathways and retention planning

Complete the survey click here 


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