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Indexing funding recognises the rising costs of delivering services

indexing announcement adds securit to CSO service delivery and funding

The Victorian Government has announced an increase in annual indexed funding for 800 community service organisations (CSOs) working in areas including child protection, family violence, homelessness and community-based drug treatment, and mental health services.

The Centre CEO Deb Tsorbaris welcomed the announcement and celebrated the hard work that has gone into negotiating this outcome from across the sector.

“Indexation means our CSOs can maintain levels of services to children, young people and families during these tough economic times.  It reflects the real cost of delivering services and gives some security around funding levels for future years,” she said.

Today’s announcement included:

  • A funding boost this financial year of 5.45 per cent for about 800 CSOs funded by the Victorian Government.
  • An agreed formula, based on Fair Work Australia obligations (80% of the increase) and CPI (20%) that will be used for all future funding increases.
  • This translates to an additional $259 million investment in community services over the next four years.

“Our sector does an incredible job supporting families at their lowest point. It is stressful and challenging work. Indexing will allow for wage increases and is an important step toward building job security and certainty for our workforces.”

Further information on the announcement can be found here at

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