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Lead Tenant Start Up Training

Lead tenant is an out-of-home care placement option providing medium-term accommodation and support to young people aged 16-18 years, who have been placed away from the care of their families by Child Protection. These young people are generally subject to custody to the Secretary or guardianship to the Secretary orders, as defined by the Children, Youth and Families Act 2005 (Children Youth and Families Act).

This training package provides five modules of learning that will assist Community Service Organisations (CSOs) managing lead tenant programs to provide new starter training to prospective and new lead tenants. Through this training, lead tenants will better understand the young people they are going to share a house with and the issues they may face in the role. This training is introductory and it is expected that each lead tenant will participate in further training during their time as a lead tenant.

It is expected that the lead tenants complete the training package either prior to moving into a lead tenant house or within three months of moving into the house. The Department of Human Services (the department) expects that many topics are addressed in induction programs provided by CSOs, which are completed prior to the lead tenant moving into the lead tenant house. Such topics include fire safety, medical and other emergencies, infection control, quality of care, and abuse in care.

The package can be run as one-to-one or group training, for a total of approximately 10 to 15 hours. Each module will take two to three hours to deliver. Facilitators can adapt the presentation of the materials and activities to suit the group size.

It is important that the facilitator or program staff make assessments of the lead tenant in terms of training the lead tenants will need into the future and where they may require additional support. Observation sheets have been provided as a means to compile your assessment of the lead tenant.

Lead tenant start-up training comprises the following five modules:

Module 1: Introduction to the role
A synopsis of the lead tenant role, and an overview of the agency and the department

Module 2: Lead tenant safety and care
Protection and care considerations for the lead tenant and the young people whilst residing within lead tenant accommodation

Module 3: Living with adolescents who have experienced trauma
Adolescent development and trauma, grief and loss, and responding to young people’s disclosure

Module 4: Challenges of the role
The variety of behaviours that can challenge lead tenants and young people, including an overview of the use of drugs and alcohol and also mental health

Module 5: Moving beyond
Development of independent living skills and the need for young people to take the next steps to independence.


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