Benchmarking with Benefits

The Not for Profit Benchmarking Project has released their 3rd and final report “Benchmarking with Benefits – Sharing our Learnings – Driving Efficiencies“.

This report provides a high level overview of the results and findings from the third and final year of the NFP Benchmarking project.  The NFP Benchmarking Project represents the first time in Australia that not‐for‐profit (NFP) sector specific benchmarks have been established to compare the cost and quality of back‐of‐house functions.  Over the past three years, the project has analysed the relative performance of five back‐of‐house functions:

  1. Human Resources (including training)
  2. Payroll
  3. Fleet
  4. Finance
  5. Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

The NFP Benchmarking Project chose to benchmark back‐of‐house functions that would have the greatest scope for improved efficiencies and quality and also be relatively easy to compare between organisations and collect high quality data.

The NFP Benchmarking Project was established in 2011 by a partnership of twelve Victorian NFP community services sector organisations with the support of three philanthropic trusts.  The organisations range in size from approximately $10 million in organisational expenditure per financial year through to around $80 million. All of the organisations work with vulnerable and marginalised communities through family, youth, refugee and relationship services.

This report can be accessed here

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