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Modern Award Translations

Confirmation has been received that the joint unions/employer associations meeting have finalised translation tables from the SACS, DSAV awards and AEU agreements to the SCHADS modern award.

Those tables are available by contacting Dan Gleeson, Manager Membership & Operations on or 9094 3510for reference by HR managers when translating relevant staff for the implementation of the modern award on 1/7/2012. As these tables have been developed in consultation with the government, the Centre expects that funding for pay equity increases commencing on 1/12/2012 will be provided in line with these translations.
It is however important to note these tables are generalisations and intended as guides only and further assistance may be sought from employer associations and advocates depending on specific skills and responsibilities of staff in your organisations. 
A further meeting of the joint unions/employer associations is scheduled for 4th May to discuss translations effecting residential services.
Updates on progress will be posted here.

For more information please contact Lynette Buoy on 9094 3516.

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