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Practitioner Testimonials – Child Information Sharing Scheme in Action

Practitioner Testimonials - Child Information Sharing Scheme in Action

As part of the Centre’s ongoing commitment to enhancing CISS implementation, we’ve created a suite of video resources to increase knowledge and confidence and expand capacity among child and family services, and allied sectors, to work collaboratively to contribute to positive practices for children and their families.

The Child Information Sharing Scheme (CISS) allows authorised organisations and professionals who work with young people and their families to share information to promote children’s wellbeing and safety and assess and manage family violence risk.

Collaboration and information sharing are essential within the child welfare and family services sector.

As part of the Centre’s Child Information Sharing – Capacity Building – Grants Project, the videos are based on 3 testimonials from professionals using CISS to achieve positive outcomes for at-risk children, young people and their families and are now available on the Centre’s CISS Resource Hub.

Maria’s story – a testament to impact

Maria, an Integrated Family Services practitioner, was grappling with complex cases in her community service organisation. Using CISS, Maria was able to navigate the intricacies of her work with greater ease and achieved tangible, positive outcomes for the children, young people, and families under her care.

Anita’s story – empowering team dynamics

Anita, an Integrated Family Services Team Leader, recognised the pivotal role CISS could play in increasing her team’s impact. Through the use of CISS, Anita was able to support her team members in new ways and cultivate an environment of powerful collaboration and shared success.

Hana’s leadership – organisational alignment

Hana, a Program Manager at a community health and wellbeing organisation, used CISS as a tool for organisational alignment and implementation, enhancing internal cohesion and effectiveness.

These testimonials, highlighting real-world experiences and triumphs, are testaments to the transformative power of collaboration, information sharing, and collective action in our sector.

To learn more about CISS and access more resources, visit The Centre’s Resource Hub.


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