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Shifting Paradigms: the new dynamics for workforce trends and patterns

Event tile - Shifting Paradigms: The New Dynamics For Workforce Trends And Patterns

The Centre welcomed EY’s People Advisory Services Partners Sonia Sharp and Georgina Gates for a webinar sharing the latest evidence, patterns, and trends shaping workforces and sectors worldwide. This webinar provided an update on the hugely successful global workforce trends and behaviours webinar delivered by Sonia during Covid lockdowns in August 2020.

From innovative workforce strategies to navigating hybrid working arrangements and leveraging technology, the webinar covered:

  • Global Workforce Patterns and Trends: the latest evidence, patterns and trends across workforces and sectors globally.
  • Global Examples of Workforce Initiatives: valuable insights into innovative workforce strategies from around the world, both government and sector-led.
  • Return to Work Dynamics: the complexities of hybrid working arrangements, flexibility and multi-generational workforces in service delivery contexts.
  • Technology Utilisation: how automation and AI are revolutionising workforce capabilities and experience across different sectors.
  • Measuring Workforce Productivity: global best practices for evaluating and enhancing workforce productivity
  • And, next steps: actionable insights and recommendations for shaping the future of work in your organisation.

Download event slides here: Shifting paradigms-The new dynamics of workforce patterns and trends_EY

View the recording of this event here:


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