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Young Speakers Announcement: Our Call

Our Call will be held on Wednesday August 8 at Footscray Community Arts Centre from 9am – 4.30pm. Secure your tickets now.

View the program here.

We are very excited to announce two groups of young speakers who have a passion for social change and will be speaking at #OurCall next week.

Lawrence, Brittany, Aedan and Dylan are working with the Centre as young advocates in the out of home care sector, and will be talking about stigma and what needs to change.

Queenie, Aliesha and Moumen are part of the Frontyard Youth Advisory Committee and will be discussing the intersections between homelessness, out of home care, and identity.

Dylan is working with the Centre and a number of other organisations, and is an ambassador for the Home Stretch campaign.

Lawrence Chang is a queer person of colour who enjoys video games and music. They work for the Department of Health and Human Services, and volunteer as a Cub Scout Leader for Carlton Scout Group. They believe that young people are our future and are the ones to lead us to a better tomorrow.

Brittany Witnish is a lived experience consultant and passionate advocate for children and young people in out of home care, she is currently studying a Masters of Social Work, and she has a pet frog named Terrance.

Aedan Brittain is a 25-year-old consultant, writer and advocate. He is studying a Diploma of Community Services and is dedicated to improving the out of home care system so that in the future, no child has to heal from being placed into it.

Dylan Langley is a passionate speaker and advocate for young people in out of home care.
He is an ambassador for the Home Stretch Campaign and is dedicated to making change in the system.



Aliesha Armstrong is a peer mentor for the Frontyard Youth Advisory Committee and has previously  been part of Youth Action Groups creating social campaigns responding to issues faced by Australian Youth. Aliesha currently works for the Big Issue doing a number of things, her favorite task with the Big Issue is talking to community groups about homelessness. Aliesha holds two day time jobs and by night she goes by the name DJ Unleash and is in high demand for local events.

Queenie Willet is a young aspiring accountant who loves music, dance and spoken word. Queenie is passionate about change and has sat on a series of panels lending her expertise to Melbourne Water, Orygen, and office of the Health Complaints Commissioner, Melbourne City Mission, City of Melbourne and Council to Homeless Persons. Queenie is also a member of the Frontyard Youth Advisory Committee and an active advocate for LGBTIQ rights and voice.

Moumen is a QTPOC advocate who has a passion for helping raise the voice of young people, specifically QTPOC youth. Moumen is a member of the Frontyard Youth Advisory Committee, Melbourne City Mission’s Youth Action Group 2018 and has organized events with Drummond Street including Voice Fest. Aside of being a youth advocate, Moumen studies psychology and psychics and is also known for their great fashion sense.

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