Celebrating the resilience of families on International Families Day

While there’s light at the end of the tunnel, life is tough for us all right now. And some families in Victorian and across the world have it much harder than anyone.

Restrictions on movement, school closures, limited contact with family and community, and financial hardship have placed stressors on families and reduced access to the protective environments for children.

Despite this, families are demonstrating incredible resilience and perseverance. They’re helping to educate their children from home, learning new technologies so they can access services and keep their families connected, and providing stability and reassurance to children through these uncertain times.

This International Families Day, I commend all families, including our kinship, foster and permanent carers, for continuing to provide the best care for children.

Your tenacity and ability to adapt ensures that children continue to live in loving, caring and supportive homes.

We know that children thrive when families have access to the support they need. If you need support, please remember that you are never alone. Victoria’s child and family services are here to help you  when you need it.

Deb, CEO at the Centre

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