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Cross Sector

Roundtables & Workshops

The Tri-Peaks Partnership Roundtables and Workshops launched 10 May 2023 as a response to compelling evidence that Australian children and families are increasingly experiencing a mix of intersecting issues that place additional burdens on social services.

More families are seeking support and this support is more likely to be crisis-focused than delivered earlier to promote healthy functioning. As a result, the service system is often described as complicated and siloed.

Collaboration offers non-government organisations the potential to increase their capacity to support complex families by leveraging relationships, and increasing solidarity, information sharing, resources, and influence. 

Over the next 2 years we will deliver:

• Six (online or in-person) cross-sector roundtable for Executive/Board members (10 participants)

• Eight quarterly half-day cross-sector workshops (in-person) for managers/team leaders (30 participants)

Graphic Scribe visualisations:

The Tri-Peaks Partnership Roundtables and Workshops launched 10 May 2023. 

The Roundtable  stories of collaboration generated ideas to prioritise five action groups to progress  collaboration for strength.

The Workshop  collaboration for impact generated ideas to prioritise eight action groups to  progress collaboration ideas

 SOAR assisted identifying what was important for collaboration.

Vision of Tri-Peaks Partnership Roundtables and Workshops:


Reduce siloed work practice across peaks and sectors


Enable collaborative working practice within and across sectors


Improve service delivery quality for common clients


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